STI Innsbruck is a research group at the University of Innsbruck engaged in research and development to bring information and communication technologies of the future into today's world.


PhD student and PostDoc positions

Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck ( is a leading research group in semantic technology at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, engaged in research and development to bring information and communication technologies of the future into today`s world.

Wageningen University & Research (, the Netherlands, is fully engaged in developments of new technology for education and research. We are developing artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, sensoring and decision support, data infrastructures, visualization and other technologies. Our aim is to employ these developments in innovations in environment, food, nutrition and health, animal and plant science, and social sciences. We are convinced that new technology will transform these domains and open up new possibilities towards the sustainable development goals.

We are currently looking for candidates for the following positions:


PhD Students, PostDocs


We are searching for new team members (primarily PhD students) to collaborate with us on the funded projects:

  • European Commission-funded project (Horizon 2020) smashHit: Smart Dispatcher for Secure and Controlled Sharing of Distributed Personal and Industrial Data aims to assure trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms, needed to build sectorial and cross-sectorial services, by establishing a framework for processing of data owner consent and legal rules and effective contracting, as well as joint security and privacy-preserving mechanisms.
  • European Commission-funded project (Horizon 2020) OntoCommons: Ontology-driven data documentation for Industry Commons aims to bring together and coordinate activities of the most relevant EU stakeholders for the development of an Ontology Commons EcoSystem, consisting of ontologies and tools following specific standardization rules, that can be effectively used as foundation for data documentation in the industrial domain, in order to facilitate data sharing and valorisation and overcome the existing interoperability bottlenecks.
  • Interreg funded project KI-Net: building blocks for AI-based optimization in industrial production develops a cross-border competence network that examines, researches and develops, presents, and builds basic building blocks for AI-based optimizations in industrial manufacturing, thus making it easier for SMEs to access the targeted use of AI in production and maintenance processes.
  • Eurostars funded project WordLift New Generation aims to expand WordLift's market reach by creating a new platform to deliver the features offered today to WordPress users, to any websites regardless of the CMS. We plan to improve the backend's performance enabling enrichment and querying of RDF graphs with semantic similarity indices and full-text search allowing clients to implement semantic search and content recommendations on their website; integrate with personal digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa.
  • FFG-funded project (IKT der Zukunft - Ausschreibung DE-AT Datenwirtschaft) CampaNeo: Platform for Real-time Vehicle Data Campaigns develops an open platform on which private and public institutions can create campaigns and collect and analyze vehicle data in real-time.

We offer:

  • Work and study locations with the highest living standards and amazing nature.
  • Possibility to perform computer science research on cutting-edge applied topics of global significance, at one of the best-ranked universities in Austria and the best-ranked university of the Netherlands.
  • Direct cooperation with the most important and large European technology industry (Volkswagen AG, Germany; Atos Spain; LexisNexis, UK/Ireland), innovative start-up companies, as well as city administrations, legal experts, and academic institutions, and potentially the industry of the "Food Valley" (e.g. Unilever, Campina in the Netherlands).
  • PhD education in English at a leading university, free of charge.
  • Competitive salaries: starting yearly (brutto) salary for a PhD student position is 41 601 Euro, and 55 243 Euro for a PostDoc, in case of full-time employment.
  • Part-time employment is possible.
  • Flexible working hours, work location choice, and other university employment benefits (see:


  • Conduction of world-class research
  • Publishing in top journals
  • Writing of further research papers (for workshops, conferences) and project reports
  • Participation and presentation in conferences, meetings
  • Implementation of research project(s)
  • Writing a doctoral dissertation (for PhD students)
  • Proposal writing and funding acquisition
  • Supervision of students  
  • Training and further education
  • Administrative tasks

Required qualifications:

  • Master's degree in Computer Science, Information Science, or an equivalent relevant degree (for PhD students), PhD/doctoral degree (for PostDocs)
  • Research interest and experience in areas such as Semantic Technology, Knowledge Graphs, (Semantic) Web Services, (Research) Data Infrastructures, Data Value Chain, Explainable AI, Smart Contracting and Blockchain, Rule-based Systems, Sensor Data Processing and Modelling, Online Communication and Marketing, as well as in interdisciplinary work involving life sciences, health, sustainability, ethics, legal, economic, social and behavioural sciences
  • Experience in programming e.g. Java, Python, Web frameworks such as Angular, machine learning frameworks, and/or other relevant technologies
  • Very good English language skills
  • Willingness to work in international, geographically distributed teams
  • Willingness to combine formal research with real-world practice in national and international projects


Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a list of publications (when available), a research statement, and be sent via email (text, postscript or PDF only) to

The thesis and project work will be supervised by Dr. Anna Fensel, who is associate professor at Wageningen University & Research and associate professor at University of Innsbruck. Questions about the positions can be sent to her at

Additional information regarding our organizations' research and projects, and further relevant information is available at and


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