STI Innsbruck is a research group at the University of Innsbruck engaged in research and development to bring information and communication technologies of the future into today's world.

Alice Carpentier


That’s it, that’s all – good-bye STI! But before I go, here is what it was like (and so much more):

  • a nurse / a Dirndl / Trinity II / an iPhone
  • marriages / divorces / babies
  • nervous breakdowns / hysterical laughter / tears of frustration / eyebrows raised in confusion or disbelief or utter shock / trying to make sense of it all (mostly in vain) / smiles /hugs / screams / whispers
  • enough emails received, answered, deleted to last for a lifetime
  • 389 days of travelling all over the world
  • countless reports, deliverables, white papers, posters, flyers, websites, blogs, wikis, slide decks, social dinners, working lunches, meetings, telecons
  • being pushed into a swimming pool in Tenerife
  • lots of friends, a few enemies
  • 6 different laptops / 2 different buildings / 4 different offices
  • dragging an entire project consortium up to the Seegrube during a snow storm
  • leading another project consortium from Arzler Alm back down to the city in the dark (without casualties!)
  • a roasted Chinese pig with electric eyes that blinked
  • DERI movies
  • calling room service from a certain villa in Crete at 4 a.m. to order 3 additional bottles of Ouzo
  • Omair dancing on a bar counter
  • Soccer games / BBQs / costume Xmas parties
  • “Are we gaga?” / “I have no glue.”
  • Going on sightseeing tours to every tiny Tyrolean village with the FOURSEASON shuttle service …