STI Innsbruck is a research group at the University of Innsbruck engaged in research and development to bring information and communication technologies of the future into today's world.

Antonio J. Roa-Valverde

Antonio J.

From 2008 until 2015 Antonio J. Roa-Valverde managed to: visit STI coming from Andalucía, fall in love with Innsbruck, move to Tyrol,  fall in love with the mountains, start working on his PhD, fall in  love with STI’s secretary, continue working on his PhD, fall in love with mountain biking, get a fulltime job, fall in love with motor  biking, create an app now available at the AppStore and GooglePlay,  fall in love with snow biking, finish his PhD. He is living proof that  persistence and compassion will indeed get you a long way!

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