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Adaptive Services Grid


The goal of Adaptive Services Grid (ASG) is to develop a proof-of-concept prototype of an open development platform for adaptive services discovery, creation, composition, and enactment. ASG provides the integration of its sub-projects in the context of an open platform, including tool development by small and medium sized enterprises. Based on semantic specifications of requested services by service customers, ASG discovers appropriate services, composes complex processes and - if required - generates software to create new application services on demand. Subsequently, application services will be provided through the underlying computational grid infrastructure based on adaptive process enactment technology. In the proposed project, methods and concepts from software architectures, software development methodologies, Web services composition and workflow process planning and coordination will be complemented by recent results in domain engineering, software generation and Semantic web and agent negotiation research. To achieve its goal, ASG addresses scientific and technological issues making use of the knowledge and expertise of major European research institutions with significant contributions from the software, telecommunications, and telematics industry.

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