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Auf dem Weg zu semantischen wissenschaflichen Workflows: WSMO4LS


Scientific Workflows are very important to support life-science researcher in the discovery of cures for many diseases. Life-science researchers need easy to use and as much as possible automated software frameworks, so as to require for them a minimum knowledge of software technologies to accomplish their daily research task without extra learning efforts and reducing their manual efforts. Research in scientific workflows produced many results in this area, but still a huge manual effort is required to scientists to integrate different available data and compose different available services. Semantic Web is currently one of the most interesting research areas with focus on automation of interoperability composition, and discovery of services that can bring a huge contribute to the research in scientific workflow. The objective of the collaboration among the University of Innsbruck and the University of Malaga, is to bring together their respective expertises in Semantic Web technologies and scientific workflows to produce a prototype of a innovative Semantic based framework for scientific workflows.

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