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Historical Projects

This page lists the current projects with STI Innsbruck. Please see the archive and the historical projects for more on completed projects.

An Intelligent Brokering Service for Knowledge-Component Reuse on the World-Wide Web (IBROW)

The objective of IBROW is to develop intelligent brokers that are able to distributively configure reusable components into knowledge systems through the World-Wide Web. The WWW is changing the nature of software development to a distributive plug & play process, which requires a new kind of managing software: intelligent software brokers.

IBROW will integrate research on heterogeneous DB, interoperability and Web technology with knowledge-system technology and ontologies.


The Information Society builds on the convergence of information, communication and networking technologies and takes advantage of infrastructures like the Internet and the Web. The aim of the IST-Programme is to help to create a user friendly information society. Currently there is a large gap between the information needs of a user and the way information is made available online.

Within the On-To-Knowledge-Project we will develop tools and methods for supporting knowledge management relying on sharable and reusable knowledge ontologies. The technical backbone of On-To-Knowledge is the use of ontologies for the various tasks of information integration and mediation.

The application focus of On-To-Knowledge is the knowledge management in large and distributed organisations. This aspect of On-To-Knowledge is emphasised by three case studies in the areas of Organisational Memory of a large company, help desk functionality of a call centre, and the knowledge management in a virtual enterprise.