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The main objective of Infrawebs is ti develop of a set of tools which will help creating, maintaining and executing Semantic Web Services (SWSs). These SWSs will be based on the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO) and interoperable with existing standards such as SQARQL, RDF, WSDL and XML Schema. Each set of tools is deployed within an Infrawebs Integrated Framework (IIF) which is also considered as an Infrawebs Unit. The IIF defines two distinctive (but linked) parts: a Design Time Phase and a Runtime Phase. The Design Time Phase consists of the tools involved during the design of SWSs, whereas the Runtime Phase consists of those tools involved during the execution of SWSs. Some of the tools may of course be involved in both phases. This approach ensures that users of the system (whether developers or normal end-users) deal with the minimum but complete set of tools required. Furthermore, it also provides an environment which is focused on the specific needs of the users.

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