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REflecting kNowledge DivERsity


The RENDER project addresses the challenges arising when analyzing the dynamics of online information. An amazing diversity of opinions, viewpoints, mind sets and backgrounds can be extracted from Web content. Large scale data management calls upon fundamental challenges with respect to the purposeful access, processing and management of the Web’s dynamic information avalanche, in particular when leveraging the diversity that inherently unfolding through world wide scale collaboration.

RENDER will engage with these challenges by developing methods, techniques, software and data sets that will leverage diversity as a crucial source of innovation and creativity, whilst providing enhanced support for feasibly managing data at very large scale, and for designing novel algorithms that reflect diversity in the ways information is selected, ranked, aggregated, presented and used in popular communication and collaboration platforms such as MediaWiki, Twitter, WordPress and Google Wave.

RENDER will help to realize a world where information is acquired and shared in a fundamentally different manner than the consensual approach promoted by movements such as Web 2.0, and where communication and collaboration across the borders of social, cultural or professional communities are truly enabled via advanced Web technology, supporting one of the credos of European society: “United in diversity”.

The project will run for 36 months starting in October 2010.

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