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Salzburg NewMediaLab – The Next Generation


Salzburg NewMediaLab – The Next Generation (SNML-TNG) is the competence centre in Austria that takes the knowledge and media industry into the Future Internet, helping its partners to address the new challenges arising with the paradigmatic shift that is currently affecting the industry. SNML-TNG conducts research on the socio-economic and the technological level in the fields of Social Computing, Social Media & Enterprise 2.0, Semantic Web & Linked Data, and Multimedia Annotations. A common trait of all fields is “Linked Media”, which is therefore at the heart of the SNML-TNG research programme. Linked Media is the convergence of linked people, linked content, and linked data.  

  • on the socio-economic level, SNML-TNG will explore the use of Linked Media in the Enterprise 2.0, the issue of Trust and Reputation, as well as Future Social Media Interfaces. Socio-economic research will be carried out in the form of studies and visionary scenario proposals that are specifically tailored towards our company partners.
  • on the technological-conceptual level, SNML-TNG will investigate open technological research questions in the areas of Social Media, Linked Data, Recommendation Systems, and Multimedia Annotations and develop appropriate models and methodologies.
  • on the technological development level, SNML-TNG will implement an Open Source framework (the “Linked Media Framework”) verifying the feasibility of its ideas in a practical system that can be further developed into a functioning platform by the partners.

  SNML-TNG brings together leading Austrian research institutes with a proven excellence in the areas of Social Media, Semantic Technologies and Multimedia (Salzburg Research, STI Innsbruck, FH Salzburg) and major members of the Austrian knowledge and media industry (ORF, Red Bull Media House, basis wien), as well as a number of innovative technology companies (punkt. netServices, mediamid, Technodat).

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