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Semantic Engineering Support Environment


The SENSE project deals with the development on an Engineering Support Environment which improves communication in product development processes. The scenarios targeted by the SENSE project are intelligent change management, engineering rationale detection and conflict resolution and redesign of existing products. While state-of-the-art solutions are rather static and process-oriented, SENSE is highly flexible and is oriented to support communication processes. SENSE build on top of state-of-the- art R&D results in the area of multi-agent systems, semantics and tuple spaces. Within the project a set of scientific and technological innovations will be developed. Semantic facades will allow the semantic enrichment of legacy data. A minimum high level ontology will provide standardized communication means for inter-system communication. Specific dynamically adaptable reasoning mechanisms will be developed. A novel form of communication infrastructure combining message-based on triple-space based communication will be developed. A mechanisms for engineering rationale detection and conflict resolution building on leading-edge basic research in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Semantics will be developed.

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