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Semantic Web Services Week


The aim of the project “SWSW: Semantic Web Services Week”, held in the week of 6-10 June 2005 in Innsbruck with local organization by the Digital Enterprise Research Institute DERI, is to provide a forum for interchange and strengthening of the European, especially Austrian position and contributions to future standards in emerging Web technologies. The central event of the SWSW is a Workshop on "Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services” organized by the Semantic Web Services Interest Group of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). This workshop intends to serve as a starting point for future standardization activities on Semantic Web Services. The SWSW provides surrounding events to this workshop in order to better position and strengthen the work and contributions around the Web Service Modeling Ontology WSMO, a comprehensive framework for Semantic Web Services mainly developed at DERI. The project “SWSW: Semantic Web Services Week” funded by the FFG under the FIT-IT programme has officially been scheduled from 01-April-2005 until 30-June- 2005. The project has been comprised of three major milestones (preparation, conduction, post-processing). All activities planned for this project have been accomplished successfully and on time. Besides, we can report several achievements with respect to the positioning and strengthening of European and especially Austrian work around Semantic Web Services within international research and standardization activities.

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