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Service Austria: Research and Industry Dissemination


After four decades of rapid advances, computing is currently subject to revolutionary changes at all levels, including hardware, middleware, network infrastructure, but more importantly artificial intelligence. Emerging technologies as the Semantic Web and Web services transform the Internet from an information network into a network of knowledgeable services, this trend being supported by major technology vendors as well as established standardization bodies. The number of services which will be offered on the Internet is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years. Hence there is a need for novel mechanisms for searching them, and service frameworks which allow these services to be used in innovative applications and business models. In this context machine-processable semantics is seen as one of the major instruments to cope with certain limitations at societal, economical and technological level. The overall mission of the SARID is foster the Semantically Enabled Service-oriented Architecture (SESA) revolution on a world-wide scale. We will coordinate and organize a a comprehensive inventory of dissemination activities designated to strengthen the research community working on semantic systems and services and to speed up the take up of the technology at industry level. SARID will be a joint initiative of STI International and STI Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck.

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