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Service Detective

Service Detective

The goal of Service-Detective is thus to overcome shortcomings of current Web Service search engines by:

  • Employing automated methods to gather Web Services and related resources.
  • Leveraging automatic means to create semantic service descriptions from information available on the Web.
  • Describing the aggregated information in semantic models and allowing reasoning over it.
  • Building meaningful clusters of the collected services and of search results.
  • The Service-Detective project will deliver a search engine that enables users to find up-to- date information on available Web Services. It will employ automated crawling, information retrieval methods and analysis techniques and shall be able to scale with the increasing number of services, as this approach does not rely on a central editorial team that would necessarily become a bottleneck once the number of deployed services reaches Web scale. Consequently, the approaches developed by Service-Detective can adapt quickly to changes in terms of the available services. The search engine will leverage available information exposed by current technologies and extend this information with semantic annotations to allow for more accurate retrieval. It will use the service information to enable efficient clustering and matchmaking of services, in view of the goal to provide an efficient discovery and clustered search possibility for Web Services.

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