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Service Web 3.0

Even after four decades of rapid advances, computing is currently subject to revolutionary changes at all levels, including hardware, middleware, network infrastructure, but more importantly intelligent applications. Emerging technologies such as the Semantic Web or Web Services transform the Internet from a network of information to a network of knowledge and services. The number of services which will be offered on the Internet is expected to rise dramatically in the next few years. It is the mission of Service Web 3.0 to address these emerging developments and contribute to the implementation of framework programmes and their projects, and support the preparation of future community research and technological development. The focus of Service Web 3.0 will be to:

  • Create, maintain, and publish roadmaps as a means to plan and coordinate framework and community activities for a future service world.
  • Set-up of dedicated cross-project clusters focusing on Semantic Web Services within STI International.
  • Provide information material such as white papers, feasibility studies, promotional movies for raising the awareness for the technology in industry, introducing new business models and systematically facilitating Semantic Web Services and Semantic Web technology adoption, in particular for SMEs.
  • Support standardization activities for semantic service descriptions.
  • Exploit synergies through networking and cross-fertilization with other research and network projects related to this area.
  • Organize special focused conferences and seminars.

Service Web 3.0 will pave the way to realize a world where billions of parties are exposing and consuming services via advanced Web technology.

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