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STI Project System One

System One is a commercial software platform in which innovations from the areas of Social Software, the Semantic Web and Information Retrieval are integrated and applied . It is a backbone that lets companies actively shape new strategies in areas where traditional structure or process approaches fail. As markets, value-creation-chains and organizations become increasingly fragmented, or "graph-like", the digital tools that support enduring success have to be designed accordingly. Extending Semantic Web solutions with Social Software makes it possible to employ successful bottom-up metadata creation strategies, takes away the complexity barrier and makes sure that even average knowledge workers not only accept, but actively endorse to work with sophisticated Semantic Web technologies. This creates smart semantic datapools, designed and filled by all the people involved, which enable algorithmic processing on a much higher level than traditional Machine Learning approaches. The role of DERI as a partner is to provide highest-quality scientific research, jointly develop infrastructure technology and learn from the versatile real-world usage, further improving and exposing the full benefits of Semantic Web technologies.

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