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Sustainable Electronic Human Resource Management


The growing interdisciplinary field of e-HRM (Electronic Human Resource Management) calls for inquiries into sustainable online career services. The depth of the contemporary sustainability issue of career services is compounded by a global pattern of shorter and temporary job contracts and increasing job switches, in particular among young professionals. Ever more applicants turn for advice and queries about their prospective career moves to online career services. Organizations progressively use online career services as a means to building relationships with young professionals, including those who have an interest in a specific organization, job type or branch, but who are currently not available for recruitment. The purpose of this research project is to provide a greater conceptual understanding and empirical validation of such relational behaviour. This empirically grounded analysis of antecedents of user commitment will fill a gap in our theoretical understanding of how job seekers perceive the universe of alternative jobs, and all too frequently switch costly strategies in their job-search efforts.

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