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The mission of TripCom is to take a significant move towards a new era of the Internet. The Internet was invented in the 1960's and provides a highly decentralized and scalable architecture for enabling large networks of computers beyond the boundaries of other communication protocols. The next step for the Internet is likely to be the direct integration of applications and computers via Web service technology. This network no longer directly interlinks humans but interlinks applications and programs to provide integrated services to the human end-user. However, current Web service technology has only very little to do with the Web. It is based on the message exchange paradigm similar to email communication. Truly Web-enabled Web services will communicate via persistent publication of information. Realizing this vision and a new technology is the mission of TripCom with the result being based on the integration of Tuple Space, Semantic Web (triple), and Web service technologies. To this end, we on the one hand plan to improve Tuple Space technology by adding semantics and means to structure and relate tuples in a scalable and linkable Triple Space architecture. On the other hand we plan to improve Web service technologies by adopting the flexible and powerful asynchronous communication model of Tuple Spaces.

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