We make the measurability of our R&D results one of our primary tasks. We want to show to the world that semantic technologies are becoming reality. Find out more about our results and our spin-off companies.


On this page you can find ontologies created by (or in cooperation with) members of STI.

Accommodation Ontology

A Web vocabulary for hotels, vacation homes, camping sites, and other accommodation offers for e-commerce.


Domain Specifications

In the course of development, the definition of domain specifications is necessary, they define the structure of an annotation.

You can find all domain specifications at:


eclassOWL: Ontologizing eCl@ss

A comprehensive approach for the proper reuse of standards in product ontologies.

Emotional Reasoning and Knowledge Graphs

Website: https://github.com/aneliamk/ontology

The updated knowledge graph can be found here: https://github.com/aneliamk/ontology/tree/master/updated

The linked repository contained following files: 

Metacritic.ttl: This file represents movie data extracted from Metacritic.com in a turtle format. The data consists of the movie title and the comments that were left by the viewers from which emotions are derived.


9 Classes          5 Object Properties          6769 Axioms

Onyx.rdf: Onyx is an ontology designed to be used for publishing the results of the emotion mining process in a form of structured data on the Web. The goal is to unify the access the numerical approximation of the emotion concept and allow extensive reasoning and search over multiple resources from different content providers.


43 Classes          57 Object Properties          1126 Axioms

WNaffect.rdf: RDF that represents different emotions.


5 Classes          1510 Axioms

User.ttl: User registration and saving of chat history.


4 Classes          2 Object Properties          12 Axioms

NFPs ontologies

A set of ontologies about non-functional properties of services

OpenFridge Ontology

Website: http://vocab.sti2.at/entropy/openfridge/fridgeontology.owl

OpenFridge project (https://www.semantic-web.at/open-fridge) ontology, modelling the fridge and freezer models, users, and electricity consumption measurements. 

A linked data set from the project OpenFridge with selected processed measurements.(https://datahub.io/de/dataset/the-measurement-data-set-from-the-project-open-fridge

OpenFridge ontology is published at the LOV portal under: http://lov.okfn.org/dataset/lov/vocabs/of

WSMO-Lite Service Model and Semantics Ontology

WSMO-LIte defines a minimal RDF model for representing Web services and their semantic annotations, and it also defines a few classes that indicate various service semantics.