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European Semantic Research Expands into the East

Publication Date: 
May, 2005

Europe's Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) and the Centre for Health Care Ontology Research & Development (CHORD), Seoul National University, Korea signed a General Agreement for Research Cooperation today.
The Agreement aims to enhance relations between DERI's two research centres in Innsbruck and Galway, and the Seoul National University.
It lays out the basic framework upon which future agreements, co-operations and collaborations can be built.
According to Professor Dr Dieter Fensel, DERI's Scientific Director "This is an exciting opportunity for DERI to build and develop new research partners, while at the same time it brings CHORD to the world stage."
The Agreement covers areas such as collaboration of faculty staff, research exchange programmes, scientific meetings, as well as community and educational outreach programmes. Both centres re-affirmed their commitment to equal opportunities as part of the pact.
"As the largest ontology research group in Korea, we are thrilled to get involved with international partners" says Assistant Professor Kim, Hong-Gee at Seoul National University.
"Medical ontologies are a new and vibrant area of research", says Associate Professor Jae-il Lee at Seoul National University and the Director of CHORD. "We look forward to working with DERI to build a constructive, mutually beneficial relationship which will ultimately help us to deliver better patient services and care."