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1st International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW 2006)

Petre Dini, Pascal Lorenz, Mario Freire, Dumitru Roman
Publishing Date:
Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

Telecommunications became the key economical factor in bridging countries and cultures, speeding the economy, and synchronizing the research topics across multi-national groups and universities.

The conference on telecommunications held in Guadeloupe, February 19-21, 2006 was a special event where, for the first time, the traditional advanced topics on telecommunications and the newly ones on service assurance with intermittent resources and on e-learning on telecommunications were complemented by special topics on teletraffic.

The suite of events held under the generic topic Telecommunications was very well perceived by the international community. Less than 41 percents of the submitted papers were accepted, yet the program had around 100 regular presentations. This year, the technical committee revalidated various accepted papers after the reviews had been incorporated, leading to a high standard and very good quality papers.

The program was rich and dense, covering next generation networks aspects, routing, services, security, QoS, optical networks, management, wireless, communications and multiple evaluations and improvement techniques. On the service assurance on partial with intermittent resources the key topics were around algorithms and monitoring in such environments. In the e-learning section the authors presented international project-based experiments, elearning projects, e-learning mechanisms, and frameworks. Traffic section covered modelling, techniques and simulation aspects.

The program was completed with a special one day tutorial on “Semantic Web Services”, delivered by Dumitru Roman, DERI Innsbruck, Austria, Jacek Kopecký, DERI Innsbruck, Austria, Brahmananda Sapkota, DERI Galway, Ireland, Barry Norton, Open University, UK, and Stefania Galizia, Open University, UK.

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