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2nd WSMO Implementation Workshop (WIW 2005)

Christoph Bussler and Dieter Fensel and Uwe Keller and Brahmananda Sapkota
Publishing Date:
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Innsbruck, Austria

1. COCOON Glue: a prototype of WSMO Discovery engine for the healthcare field
Emanuele Della Valle and Dario Cerizza
2. A P2P Discovery mechanism for Web Service Execution Environment
Ioan Toma, Brahmananda Sapkota, James Scicluna, Juan Gomez, Dumitru Roman and Dieter Fensel
3. The WSML Editor Plug-in to the Web Services Modeling Toolkit
Mick Kerrigan
4. WSMO Studio - an Integrated Service Environment for WSMO
Marin Dimitrov, Alex Simov, Vassil Momtchev and Damyan Ognyanov
5. Enabling Components Management and Dynamic Execution Semantic in WSMX
Thomas Haselwanter, Maciej Zaremba and Michal Zaremba
6. An Execution Semantics for Mediation Patterns
Michael Altenhofen, Egon Börger and Jens Lemcke
7. Reasoning Tasks and Mediation for Choreography and Orchestration in WSMO
Michael Stollberg
8. A Minimal Triple Space Computing Architecture
Christoph Bussler
9. Towards Translating between XML and WSML based on mappings between XML Schema and an equivalent WSMO Ontology
Matthew Moran and Adrian Mocan

* Position Paper: WSMX Process Mediation
Emilia Cimpian and Mick Kerrigan
* Position Paper: B2C Web Service Discovery
David Aiken
* Position Paper: An XML to WSML Adapter
Edward Kilgarriff, David Aiken, Laurentiu Vasiliu and Brahmananda Sapkota

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