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3rd International Workshop on Data Engineering Issues in E-Commerce and Services (DEECS 2007)

Martin Hepp and Mehmet Sayal and Sang-goo Lee and Juhnyoung Lee and Junho Shim
Publishing Date:
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
ACM Press
San Diego, CA, USA

* Workshop Summary
Martin Hepp, Mehmet Sayal, Sang-goo Lee, Juhnyoung Lee, and Junho Shim
* Keynote : Service Science, Management, and Engineering
Juhnyoung Lee
* BestChoice SRM: A Simple and Practical Supplier Relationship Management System for e-Procurement
Dongjoo Lee, Seungseok Kang, San-keun Lee, Young-gon Kim and Sang-goo Lee
* Diversification of Risk based on Divided Tasks in Large-scale Software System Manufacture
Tokuro Matsuo and Yoshihito Saito
* DeepBot: A Focused Crawler for Accessing Hidden Web Content
Manuel Álvarez, Juan Raposo, Alberto Pan, Fidel Cacheda, Fernando Bellas, and Víctor Carneiro
* Short-Time Approximation on Combinatorial Auctions - A Comparison on Approximated Winner Determination Algorithm
Naoki Fukuta and Takayuki Ito

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