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Workshop on Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities @ ECAI 2004

Ying Ding and Dieter Fensel and Rubén Lara and Holger Lausen and Michael Stollberg and Sung-Kook Han
Publishing Date:
CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Valencia, Spain

Workshop on Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities at the 16th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2004)

  1. An Active, Ontology-driven Network Service for Internet Collaboration David Lewis, Kevin Feeney, Thanassis Tiropanis, Simon Courtenage
  2. Online Social and Business Networking Communities Ina O’Murchu, John G. Breslin, Stefan Decker
  3. An architecture based on semantic weblogs for exploring the Web of People Tuan-Anh Ta, Jean-Marc Saglio, Michel Plu
  4. An Architecture for Collaborative Ontology Library Development Tuomas Korpilahti and Eero Hyvönen
  5. OntoRefiner, a user query refinement interface usable for Semantic Web Portals Brigitte Safar, Hassen Kefi, Chantal Reynaud
  6. SPortS: Semantic + Portal + Service Chenxi Lin, Lei Zhang, Jian Zhou, Yin Yang, and Yong Yu
  7. International Affairs Portal: A Semantic Web Application Jesús Contreras et al.
  8. A Cultural Community Portal for Publishing Museum Collections on the Semantic Web Eero Hyvönen et al.

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