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Aspects in Workflow Management

Simeon Petkov and Eyal Oren and Armin Haller
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Workflow management deals with supporting business processes in organisations, it involves managing
the flow of work through an organisation. Workflows are a collection of coordinated tasks
designed to carry out a well-defined complex process.
A workflow management system is a generic information system that supports modelling, execution,
management and monitoring of workflows. Such a system operates on a workflow specification,
a description of the business processes in the organisation that should be supported. A workflow
management system can be compared to a database management system: it is a generic system
that operates on a schema definition of the (processes in the) organisation.
Many different workflow systems have been developed that focus on different application domains
and provide different functionality. Workflow management lacks a standardised
theory that provides a theoretical background for workflows like the relational algebra
provides for databases; despite efforts of standardisation bodies there is no consensus on the
representation or conceptual model of workflow processes.