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FRED Whitepaper - An Agent Platform for the Semantic Web

Michael Stollberg and Holger Lausen and Sinuhé Arroyo and Reinhold Herzog and Peter Smolle and Dieter Fensel
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This paper presents the FRED system, a development environment for agent-based applications that utilize Semantic Web resources. The FRED system consists of an agent runtime environment based on ontologies as the underlying data model and offers a tool suite for application development. It uses progressive technologies for task-service-resolution that detect suitable problem solving implementations to solve tasks assigned to agents. Furthermore, FRED allows integration of external Semantic Web Services into the system, thus admitting the assimilation of key technologies which is compulsory for creating nSemantic Web applications. We give an overall description of the FRED system by describing its technological solutions, explain the system functionalities and relate this to ncontemporary approaches. The aim of this paper is to expose requirements on agent platforms for the Semantic Web and to show how these are attained in the FRED system.