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Semantic Discovery Caching (Specification)

Michael Stollberg
Publishing Date:
STI Innsbruck

This technical report provides the specification of Semantic Discovery Caching (short: SDC). As a part of the author's PhD work, this is a technique for enhancing the efficiency and scalability of Web service discovery processes in service-oriented architectures. The approach is to capture discovery results for goals (formalized client requests) and, on this basis, perform Web service discovery for new, semantically similar requests. This allows to (1) attain the highest possible efficiency via discovery-by-lookup, meaning to perform Web service discovery without invoking a matchmaker, and (2) to increase scalability by reducing the search space for Web service discovery on the basis of clustering Web services with respect goals that can be solved with them. As a continuation of previous works, this document specifies the central constructs and operations for SDC-enabled Web service discovery. Future research will present a prototype implementation within WSMX along with a demonstration throughout an illustrative example, and evaluate the SDC technique by discussing its applicability in real-world SOA applications.

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