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Web Service Discovery - A Reality Check

Daniel Bachlechner and Katharina Siorpaes and Dieter Fensel and Ioan Toma
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Web services are about the integration of applications via the web. Hereby, the programming effort should be minimized through the reuse of standardized components and interfaces. Semantic web services try to provide the next step through mechanizing important sub tasks within a service-oriented architecture. Otherwise, significant manual programming effort would remain as a bottleneck for this approach. One of the sub tasks in a service-oriented architecture is service discovery. While a significant number of papers have already been published in this area, most of them are more concerned in providing yet another illustration for an arbitrary logical framework rather than providing a contribution that meets current constraints in given practical settings. In this paper, we first provide an empirical enumeration of existing approaches towards web service discovery. This sets the basis for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing approaches as well as the prediction of future potential improvements in this area. We also identify a useful role for semantic techniques as long as it is in a proper setting.