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Web-Service Semantic Enabled Implementation of Machine vs. Machine Business Negotiation

Laurentiu Vasiliu, Michal Zaremba, Matthew Moran and Christoph Bussler
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The ultimate business to business (B2B) integration and deployment target is complete business process automation within and between enterprises with no human intervention. From a business point of view, negotiation is the main mechanism that modern enterprises use for achieving their profit-maximising targets. This paper introduces an automated B2B negotiation solution: the implementation of a semantic-enabled machine versus machine business negotiation as a web service. It is argued in this article that the shift from human vs. human business negotiation to machine vs. machine business negotiation is facilitated by using semantic web technology and implemented as a web service. The negotiation process in the present work is designed for multiple machines (minimum of 3 computers), using a negotiation algorithm that emulates human business negotiation behaviour. Conclusions and possible development directions are brought forward.

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