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The WSML2Reasoner framework is a modular architecture that combines various validation, normalization and transformation algortihms to translate ontology descriptions in WSML to the appropriate syntax of several underlying reasoning engines. WSML2Reasoner translates ontology description in WSML to datalog predicates and rules. Additionally, it provides a Facade for easy integration for different reasoners, as e.g. MINS and IRIS. WSML2Reasoner and IRIS can thus be used as a framework for reasoning with WSML rule-based languages. The WSML2Reasoner framework can also translate ontology descriptions in WSML-DL to OWL DL and iterfaces to more reasoners, e.g. PELLET and KAON2. WSML2Reasoner and
PELLET can thus be used as a framework for reasoning with
WSML2Reasoner is available under multiple licenses including
GPL, LGPL and non-commercial.