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WSMX Ranking Component

The WSMX ranking component prototype provides the following functionality:

  • simple keyword-based ranking 
  • multiple criteria ranking based on NFPs rules evaluation.

The goals and services used in the prototype are from the SWS Challenge extended scenario [1]. These descriptions are available at [2]. The ranking component ranks the services based on the nfps specified by the user. In the     scenario only discount and obligations non-functional properties are used for the moment . The nfps values are computed by querying a WSML reasoner given:

  • User preferences i.e:

    1. Which nfp the user is interested in (e.g. obligations or discounts)
    2. The ordering direction (descending or ascending)
  • The nfp axiom definition from the service
  • Instances from the goal

The WSMX ranking component is available under the LGPL license