• Uwe Keller and Ruben Lara and Holger Lausen and Dieter Fensel
    2 007
    Semantic Web Services: Theory, Tools and Applications
  • Holger Lausen and Ruben Lara and Axel Polleres and Jos de Bruijn and Dumitru Roman
    2 007
    Semantic Web Services - Concepts, Technology and Applications
  • Michal Zaremba and Matthew Moran and Mick Kerrigan and Adrian Mocan
    2 006
    Semantic Web Services, Processes and Applications
  • Axel Polleres and Holger Lausen and Ruben Lara
    2 006
    Semantic Web: Wege zur vernetzten Wissensgesellschaft
  • Dumitru Roman and Jos de Bruijn and Adrian Mocan and Ioan Toma and Holger Lausen and Jacek Kopecký and Dieter Fensel and John Domingue and Stefania Galizia and Liliana Cabral
    2 006
    Semantic Web Technologies: Trends and Research in Ontology-based Systems


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