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Advanced Topics in Intelligent Systems SS 2008

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General information
Mondays, 10.00 - 12.00, HS 10

The lecture covers advanced topics on Artificial Intelligence, where AI is seen as the study of constructing intelligent systems based on intelligent agents. The agents perceive their environment and perform actions. There are many ways in which agents can decide which actions to perform given certain percepts. The basics for this lecture have been addressed in the lecture "Intelligent Systems", which is typically held in the winter term. Information about "Intelligent Systems" in the winter term 2007/2008 can be found here.

The current lecture will begin with a summary of the basic topics covered in the lecture "Intelligent Systems": we will introduce the concept and structure of intelligent agents and will learn several specializations of them: problem-solving agents and logical agents. We will continue our journey with the study of methods and techniques to cope with uncertainty in knowledge representation and will get familiar with agents that are able to learn from their behavior. A third part of the lecture will cover communication, perception and natural language processing.