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Semantic Web Services (PS) SS 2009

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General information
Di 15.15 - 19.00

The basic Web service technologies that will be used throughout this seminar are W3C (WSDL, SOAP) and OGC (WMS, WFS, WPS) Web services.

For service annotation WSMO/WSML will be used (with support from WSMT).

For service discovery, selection, composition and execution, components of WSMX will be used.


The aim of this seminar (PS) is to introduce Web services, semantic annotation for services, as well as common tasks performed on services such as discovery, selection, composition, and execution.
The seminar will be hands-on oriented and at the end of the semester the students are expected to provide a prototype application demonstrating service design and implementation, semantic annotations for services, discovery and selection, composition, and execution of services.