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Vehicle Networks (Fahrzeugnetze) SS 2011

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General information
18.03.2011<br/>08.04.2011<br/>06.05.2011<br/>27.05.2011<br/>10.06.2011<br/><b>Time</b>: 10:15 - 14:00

Wireless communications technologies allow data exchange not merely between devices within a single vehicle but also between devices mounted in separate vehicles. Spontaneous networking between these vehicles allows the direct exchange of data without necessity of infrastructure. Thus, novel applications related to safety, efficiency and comfort will be enabled. But this also increases the necessity of adequate information management, routing strategies and medium exploitation methods.

Special guest lecture unit

In the lecture unit on Friday May 27, a guest lecture unit will be given by Hyung-Taek Lim from BMW on the topic "Challenges in a Future IP/Ethernet-based In-Car Network".


Modern vehicles with highly distributed electronic devices, in particular sensors and actuators, require sophisticated networking technology with specific demands on reliability, data rate, fault tolerance and hardware features. Wired and wireless communication systems, such as CAN, Flexray or UWB, cope with these requirements in their specific fields of application.


The first exam of this lecture is scheduled for June 17, 2011. Please register for this exam in due time!