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Intelligente Systeme WS 2009/10

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General information
<strong>VO</strong>: Mo 14.15-18.00 (bi-weekly)<br/><strong>PS Group 1</strong>: Mi 10.15-12.00 (bi-weekly)<br/><strong>PS Group 2</strong>: Mi 14.15-16.00 (bi-weekly)<br/><strong>PS Group 3</strong>: Mi 08.15-10.00 (bi-weekly)
<strong>VO</strong>: HS G<br/><strong>PS (all groups)</strong>: RR15

Every student attending the lecture and the tutorial should subscribe to the mailing list of the course at https://lists.sti2.at/mailman/listinfo/is2009


The lecture is an introduction to Intelligent Systems, the study of constructing intelligent systems based on intelligent agents. In the lecture we will introduce various logics (i.e. Propositional and Predicate logic), search methods, knowledge engineering techniques, problem-solving methods, planning, agents, learning techniques and Semantic Web, all science areas that contribute towards making the general vision of Intelligent Systems a reality.


The exam will take place on 01.02.2010, 14:15 in HS G

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