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Master Seminar WS 2009/10

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General information
<strong>Group 3</strong><br/>Vorbesprechung: Mo 05.10. 17.00-18.00<br/>Mi 27.01. 08.00-20.00<br/>Do 28.01. 08.00-20.00

Recent technology development are pushing the convergence of different devices. More and more mobile devices are becoming complex and powerful devices that can run application and services over the Web. Such devices offer know capabilities to interact also with other resources following the paradigm proposed by Internet of Things, where each object become a resource available over the Internet.
The seminar aims at exploring this new technologies and their combinations. In particular the students will be required to create small application for mobile platforms such as iPhone and gPhone, and applications based on RF-ID. The lecturer will propose a couple of scenarios for the development of such applications and provide guidelines for the projects. In particular one of the scenario proposed regards RF-ID based conferences, where RF-ID technologies are used for providing advanced services to the attendee and support contextual mobile interaction.
The lecturer will try to organize also 1-2 invited talk from industrial realities working on such technologies to provide a more industrial background to the topic explored in the seminar.


This year the course will explore innovative applications such as mobile applications and RF-ID based applications.
In the introductory lecture an overview of the technologies and possible projects will be presented. The students will form small groups and agree with the lecturer on the project. Lecturer will support and interact with the students during the project preparation. Finally project will be presented and evaluated in the last lecture.