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Applied Ontology Engineering WS 2010/11

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General information
<strong>Vorbesprechung:</strong><br/>Tue, 12.10. 14:00-16:00<br/><br/>Fri, 10.12. 08:00-18:00<br/>Fri, 14.01. 08:00-18:00

The seminar will address topics related to ontology engineering, such as

  • ontology building methodology
  • ontology matching
  • ontology evaluation
  • ontology learning
  • incentives for ontology building
  • technologies and tools for building ontologies
  • collaborative ontology building
  • cost estimation of ontologies

Students will be assigned theoretical and hands-on tasks. The theoretical assignment (short paper + presentation) is the first part of the seminar and will be presented by students individually in the first block. The hands-on assignment involves building an ontology in a team. The final presentation of this ontology building project will be presented in the second block. Students will be graded based on their participation in the seminar as well as the quality of their presentations and papers. Topics will be assigned in the introductory lecture. 




"An ontology is a formal representation of a shared conceptualization of a domain. " Gruber, 1999. This seminar covers topics related to ontology engineering and the process of semantic content creation.