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Booking and Yield Management



The students will learn about booking systems, direct booking, multi-channel booking, yield management, value management. A few mathematical foundations will be introduced, as well as use them in practice. Presentation, collaborative work and scientific writing skills of students are to be enhanced.

Lecture and exercise. Students will be assigned exercises for every covered topics either in groups or individually and they will be evaluated based on the progress of their assigned exercises.


  Lecture Slides Handouts Proseminar Video
1. Landeck day 1 ppt pdf KPIs.xlsx KPIs.pdf HighLowDemand  
2. Landeck day 2 ppt pdf Forecasting Overbooking  
3. Landeck day 3   pdf   Der verrückte Hotelier
4. Landeck day 4 ppt pdf    
5. Landeck day 5   pdf    





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