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Introduction to Modelling


The lecture and the associated seminar introduce modeling as a discipline within Computer Science and Engineering, and some of the the most important modeling paradigms of the last decades (ER modeling, object orientation, ontologies, service-oriented modeling etc.) It presents core modeling primitives, principles, and best practices, exemplified by real-world examples and case studies.

Students will get an overview of the most important principles of (domain) modeling, learn how to model correctly and usefully, and get familiar with several established modeling paradigms, their commonalities and differences.


  Lecture Slides
1 Lecture 1 pdf
2 Lecture 2 pdf
3 Lecture 3 pdf
4 Lecture 4 - part I pdf
5 Lecture 4 - part II pdf
6 Lecture 5 - part I pdf
7 Lecture 5 - part II pdf


Further reading

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  • Schreiber et al.: Knowledge Engineering and Management: The CommonKADS Methodology, MIT Press, 1999
  • Gomez-Perez et al.: Ontological Engineering, Springer, 2004