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Master Seminar


“Web services” is the name for an important set of technologies for developing large-scale distributed systems, under the umbrella of Service-oriented architectures (SOA). Semantic Web services are building on top of Web services technology by describing various aspects of services using explicit, machine-understandable semantics that enables a certain degree of automation for various service related tasks.

Recent technology developments are pushing the convergence of different devices. More and more mobile devices are becoming complex and powerful tools that can run applications and services over the Web. Such devices offer known capabilities to interact with other resources following the paradigm proposed by the Internet of Things, where each object becomes a resource available over the Internet.

Semantics can play a key role in enabling the Internet of Things due to its innate capability of dealing with heterogenous elements and to facilitate intereoperability among them. Thus the seminar aims to explore these new technologies and their combinations. In particular the students will be required to create a small application for mobile platforms such as iPhone and gPhone, and applications based on RF-ID. The lecturer will propose a few scenarios for the development of such applications and provide guidelines for the projects. In particular, one of the scenarios proposed regards RF-ID based conferences, where RF-ID technologies are used for providing advanced services to the attendee and support contextual mobile interaction.

After an introductory lecture, students will be assigned topics (covered in books, movies, papers or other resources) or projects (dealing with emerging technologies such RFID and Smart Phones) either in groups or individually. Students will work on their topics during the term in order to present a final paper at the end of the term and to give a final presentation in a blocked seminar.


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