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Bibliographic Resource Management Based on Semantic Web Technologies

Student name: 
Michael Luger
Completion Date: 
November 2, 2009

With the growth of the World Wide Web it has become possible to publish vast amounts of information for a huge audience. However, such information is often represented in an unstructured way. Semantic Web technologies aim to add information to digital content to make it processable by intelligent systems - this is accomplished by the annotation of metadata with ontology based vocabularies which provides the foundation for accurate extraction of information. Digital library environments have become a target for applying Semantic Web technologies. The bibliographic resource management systems Bibster and JeromeDL are two such platforms that examplify the benefits of
enriching their description environments with semantics. While both Bibster and JeromeDL rely on semantics, the two systems have been developed independently, and in our work we present an interoperability between two platforms. We describe the alignment of its metadata and communication infrastructures. The resulting interoperability component allows the user base of each platform to share and manage bibliographic information across both networks.