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Development of graphical tool for displaying and interacting with Binary Decision Diagrams

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Binary Decision Diagrams (and their variants) are very successful data structures for dealing with large scale problems, e.g. hardware verification and CAD.
Essentially they are simple graph structures.

The goal of the project is to develop a simple graphical environment that allows to display BDDs as graphs and to interactively modify the graphs. The implementation should be done in Java.

The handling and management of BDD (and computation of operations on them) is covered by existing Java packages. Further, there already exist Java packages for displaying and interacting with graph structures.

Therefore a main task in the project is to (a) get familiar with existing libraries and to define how to combine them suitably and (b) to add later functionality on top that allows to modify the BDDs in specific ways.

An example of a similar system (called JADE) can be found here:
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