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Empirical Analysis of Companies Offering and Using Semantic Technologies

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The Semantic Technology Institute (STI) of the University of Innsbruck is offering a Bachelor thesis in the area of Business Informatics. The goal is to analyze the business data of about 500 companies operating in the broad field of semantic technologies (ST), either in the role of vendor, user, or market place provider. The thesis is divided into two parts, the collection of data and its analysis. The data which needs to be acquired is expected to cover various aspects that are relevant for determining the companies’ characteristics such as size and value and their involvement in semantic technologies. This includes the study of the enterprises’ business reports as far as available. Using this data, the analysis part of the thesis focuses on the economic impact of ST within the past 15 years. In this context, several statistics are expected to be compiled in order to exemplify the development of the field. This opening relates to earlier efforts on the data collection about semantic technology companies which is documented on the web site


http://semantic-technology-companies.sti2.at/. Applicants should contact Andreas Thalhammer (


[email protected]).