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Impact analysis of online networks

Student name: 
Christoph Fuchs
Assignment Date: 
February 25, 2012
Completion Date: 
January 15, 2014

Master thesis for up to 2 people, CS and IS In the last years online platforms have started to emerge quickly and have taken over a huge part of our everyday online life. Today we have a multitude of such (social) online channels. When a business starts using these for marketing activities it faces several problems: What kind of Information does it distribute, where and when? Whom does it reach? One of the main interests of a business is the impact of the own online presence on the target audience. On multiple platforms we got various possibility to meassure such impact: unary feedback (like, retweet), binary feedback (positive or negative), ranking and textual feedback. Furthermore we face a vast amount of statistical data: page visits, impressions, unique clients, demographics. The theoretical part shall analyze existing approaches for impact analysis, whereas the prototypical implementation shall be able to show online impact in a comprehensive but nevertheless easy to understand way.


Mandatory: Ruby on Rails, HTML
Desirable: various API's

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