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Java API for Mobile TSC/YARS

Student name: 
Matthias Farwick
Completion Date: 
July 15, 2006
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When advertising and applying new software technologies, which are unknown to the economy and potential sponsors and users, reference implementations, which show the capabilities and potentials of a new technology are of great importance.
Since one of the major fields where Triple Space computing (TSC) could play out its advantages is ubiquitous computing, focus is given to this area.
In a mobile TSC environment application programmers for mobile devices need an API to conveniantly interact with a Triple Space implementation.
For various reasons YARS (Yet Another RDF Store) is used for the first reference implementation of a Triple Space middleware.
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the definition and implementation of a TSC API that conforms to the restrictions implied by the J2ME framework and allows thus reference implementations for mobile devices.