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Linked Open Hotel

Student name: 
Daniel Laimer
Assignment Date: 
March 16, 2012
Completion Date: 
March 13, 2018

Master thesis for 1 person, IS and CS Linked (open) data is an initiative to foster data integration tasks by exposing a multitude of data in an open, machine readable and interpretable format (e.g. RDF). The LOD cloud has grown over the last few years and is now slowly beginning to swap over to commercial applications. Tourism is a very large industry sector in Tyrol and naturally hotels must guarantee a good service for achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and retention. The goal of this thesis is to analyze which parts of linked open data could be beneficiary for, or reused by hotels in the area. Also the student will have to analyze an existing tourism ontology and evaluate the exposure of hotel data within the linked data cloud. Multiple use cases shall be developed which clearly show the benefits/limitations of combining an existing tourism ontology with multiple LOD vocabularies.


Mandatory: OWL, GoodRelations,