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An ontological approach to resource provisioning


Today, we are moving towards automation with the advancement of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This movement towards automation is due to the fact that machines are more efficient than humans to perform the same type of repetitive tasks. In addition, automation also yields profitability. Therefore, automation has been a key focus as the technology advances. For example, the recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence has resulted in autonomous vehicles. Automation, however, requires more than technological advancement, such as artificial intelligence techniques. Automation requires integration of different technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence techniques, computing hardware’s like IoT's, graphic processing unit. Automation also requires scheduling and provision of resources to the available computing hardware. The task of resource placement and scheduling is challenging and varies based on the task. The objective of this thesis is to address this resource provisioning challenge using the ontological approach in a dynamic IoT environment.



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