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Ontology assisted online channel recommendation

Student name: 
Benjamin Thürauf, Josef Wolf
Assignment Date: 
February 25, 2012

Master thesis for up to 2 persons, CS and IS In the last years online platforms have started to emerge quickly and have taken over a huge part of our everyday online life. Today we have a multitude of such (social) online channels. When a business starts using these for marketing activities it faces several problems: What kind of Information does it distribute, where and when? Whom does it reach? This thesis has two main objectives: conceptual modelling and implementation of a sophisticated online channel library. The first goal is to create OWL models which describe the capabilities of online channels like facebook and their respective target groups as well as the modelling of business entities. Whereas the second goal is to implement a prototypical framework which computes which channels are relevant for which business entity. The theoretical part of the work shall analyze existing recommendation approaches and their application in our use case, whereas the practical part contains the implementation of these approaches. This thesis can theoretically be split into two  separate works.

Technologies for the modeling part

Mandatory:  OWL, reasoning

Technologies for the implementation

Mandatory: Java or Ruby on Rails, OWL, reasoning