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RIF4J - A Reasoning Engine for RIF-BLD

Student name: 
Adrian Marte
Completion Date: 
March 23, 2011
PDF icon master_adrian-marte_RIF4J.pdf1.09 MB

This thesis presents the design and implementation of RIF4J, a reasoning engine that allows for the programmatic processing of knowledge represented in the Basic Logic Dialect (BLD) of RIF, and enables the reasoning upon this knowledge using the Datalog system IRIS. This is realized through a translation of RIF-BLD formulas to equivalent Datalog programs. As RIF is intended for being applied to the Web where the amount of data is extremely large, IRIS-RDB is developed as an extension of IRIS that leverages the close relationship of Datalog and relational algebra in order to take advantage of a relational database system to process data that exceeds the limits of a single computer's memory.

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