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(Semantic) Search Engine Optimization

Student name: 
Veronika Wenger
Assignment Date: 
June 15, 2012
Completion Date: 
June 15, 2013

Master thesis for up to 2 people, CS and IS SEO has become a cornerstone of online marketing activities in recent years. Companies invest a huge amount of resources into enhancing their online visibility.  Firstly, the theoretical part of this thesis comprises an analysis of the current state in SEO, with a special emphasis on SEO assisted by semantics (like the annotation of Websites with RFDa, Google snippets, schema.org, GoodRelations) and the impact of social networks regarding search engine results. Secondly, selected methods have to be applied to the STI International homepage and social network pages. As main outcome of this real world study the effects of the optimizations should be measured by means of online visibility (e.g. search rank by keyword, etc.).


Mandatory: OWL, Microdata, RDFa
Desirable: HTML, Drupal CMS, PHP, GoodRelations, schema.org

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